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The San Giovanni Rotondo Palace is not only a perfect 4 star hotel for travellers connected to Saint Pio from Pietrelcina or to the hopetal but also for those who are looking for leisure trips.

We are in a perfect and a very stategic place in which you can find a lot of culture, religion and Nature: We are right across from ”Via San Salvatore” one of the pricipal streets of the town, right in the heart of the Sacred zone. Near the hotel, only 3 minutes on foot, you can find “Viale Cappuccini”, the church of “S.Maria delle Grazie", the hospital “Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza” home for relief and suffering , “La Via Crucis” monument , the polyclinic and the church of Saint Pio from Pietrelcina.

Whilst inside the hotel, other than the classicly styled rooms, you can find our Reale Bistrot, healthy food to excite your tastebuds.

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