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Soul experience

"Pray, hope, don’t worry. God is merciful and he will listen to your prayer."
Saint Pio

"To have belief does not mean to not have difficult moments, but to have the force to face them with knowledge that weare not alone."
Pope Francis

There has never been more of a necessity to breakaway from the daily worries and of work responsibilities than in this moment, and it is always becoming more of an urgency to do so. Within the Gargano National park, San Giovanni Rotondo is by definition the ideal place to regenerate your body and mind, through prayer and belief. Harmony and healph will be the prize of your search. To accompany you in this journey within there will be our forever loved Saint Pio.

The soul experience is not only an opportunity to know the life and places of Saint Pio but also a real cure-all for your soul. Here thanks to Prayer, to medetation and to the different activities to take part in from long walks in the green forest or along the crusifix monument you will find true inner peace and belief.

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