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“Ariae is a journey from Earth up to the Sky”

Ariae Hotel, a small four-star Boutique Hotel, was created with a new concept in mind and from Luca’s emotional strength, the hotel owner, who grew up with a family legacy in hospitality. After having visited this gem located in San Giovanni Rotondo, in the heart of Gargano, for the first time, he started feeling the desire to transform it into a magical and unique place.

The cornerstone of this project was a totally new concept, a new idea of hospitality not only for tourists coming here for the first time, but also for those fellow citizens in search of exclusive places and experiences.

The overall implementation of our project “A journey Between Earth and Sky” is currently underway but we are putting so much love and passion into it that we are sure we won’t disappoint you!

Be ready to be overwhelmed by innovation, in a territory full of spirituality, history, nature, culture; an experience to live to the fullest!